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Download PocoMan Download Windows Version 4.0
(Windows 95 or newer)

Try this free one-level mini-demo! The goal is to push all the diamonds onto the X marks. Use the arrows keys or the mouse.

The downloadable game has 50 (count em! FIFTY), full, fun-packed levels! Who wouldn't say, "Wow", i ask you?


PocoMan is a good, clean, wholesome, non-violent, game for the WHOLE family! (even this one). And it's really fun too.

Note: Family itself, need not be wholesome nor non-violent.

Tell us a joke, get free levels!

Get some cool junk with PocoMan on it.

All the levels are solvable, whether you believe it or not. Get the hintbook and prove it to yourself.

Got something to say about PocoMan?

Green machine

Hungry for more!?

To all PocoManiacs around the world, in space, on the sea bottoms, and working mining contracts in the asteroid belt; Our new add-on PocoMan level-pack is ready!


It has 30 new levels, new graphics, new sounds, new colors. Some of these levels are REALLY REALLY hard. Not soft, easy, anti-hard, undifficult or nontough ... but H*A*R*D!

We're talking hours and hours and hours of agonizing, brutal, cortex-crushing Poco Fun! Be thrilled and amazed to find the following phrases tumble unbidden from your mouth over and over again:

  • "It's impossible!"
  • "How on earth did they get those things in there like that!"
  • "OK, OK, I'll be there in a minute!"
  • "Gosh, I really wish I had a PocoMan T-Shirt."